ClearScript is a software from Diego Semmler, which increases the readability of scanned texts and compresses it very well.
If you scan a text, the background is not unicolor, but consists many different colors and maybe even fragments of the back page. This is not very beautiful and also you can't compress such pictures very well without making the image poor quality.
ClearScript converts a picture into gray scale. It doesn't have a look just on one pixel, but on the whole environment. So the caption is accentuated, which enlarges the readability. Then it cuts the white border if you want and saves the image as 4 Bit PNG.

Here an example:
"ClearScript" "ClearScript"

The original on the left has got a size of 355 KB (uncompressed). With strong JPEG compression you can reduce the data to 10,4 KB.
The picture above is treated with ClearScript and has got a size of just 1,55 KB. This means a data reduction of factor 230 or 99,6%.

Full version: To get the full version send a message to please.
Download demo: ClearScript Demo Installer.exe (German, V. 1.2)
Online version: ClearScript online (free, but with not quite as well compression)
Version: 1.3
Download size: 685 KB
Size on HD: 1,44 MB